Reforestation of 80 Hectares of Degraded lands at Enyigba / Edda communities in \Abakaliki LGA (NGA/SGP/QP4/Y3/CORE/10/013

Funder:           Global Environment Facility / Small Grants Program (GEF/SGP)

Duration:        18 months

Outcome:       80 Hectares of lands reforested; 30,000 tree seedlings raised and planted; 200 community Farmers trained on agro-forestry; 7 youths trained on tree nursery operations; over 5000 community members receive various tree seedlings for planting at household farms.

Knowledge Management / Documentations; This project has been documented and showcased in knowledge management fairs and through the social media. We have a publication on the project titled “Local Solutions to Global Challenges: Enyigba / Edda Reforestaion Project”. Again, we made an audio-visual documentary of the project entitled “Deforestation to Afforestation: The Enyigba / Edda stories