Neighbourhood Environment Watch (NEW) Foundation is an environment focused nongovernmental organisation with a country office in Nigeria. NEW Foundation works to inspire collective action towards environmental governance that ensures a healthy and suitable livelihood. Our programs address governance failures that exacerbate environmental pollution, poverty, and hunger. We work with partners such as USAID/FHI360, UNOPS-UNDP, UNICEF, and other National and International donors to build the capacity of poor, underserved communities in Nigeria and West Africa, building platforms for participatory governance and other cross-cutting issues including natural resource governance, gender mainstreaming and social justice. Our programs address governance failures that exacerbate environmental pollution, poverty, and hunger.

Neighbourhood Environment Watch (NEW) Foundation has a Special Consultative Status of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC). NEW Foundation is a legal entity, registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a non-political, not-for-profit, and non-governmental organization (CAC/IT: 33938) and also registered with the National Planning, (NPC) Abuja (NPC/NGO-IC/S.641/1/51) and with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) Abuja (ID: 97987752)

Our Theory of Change is based on models that drive systemic change. It is premised on the equality of rights, access to resources, capacity building, and empowerment, by removing root causes and drivers of poverty and hunger.  

Vision: We envision a human society built on the principle of environmental justice and social rights, where no one is excluded and all have equal access to resources and parity of opportunity.

Mission: Our mission is to inspire action and build a communal response to environmental and social justice. We work with individuals and communities to become active participants in democratic and inclusive governance, build knowledge, skills, and advocate for those with greater vulnerability.


§  To increase awareness, promote human and environmental health and sustainable land management

§  To build the capacities and voices of mining-impacted communities to know their rights and safeguard their environmental resources.

§  Hold governments and corporations accountable for the utilisation of the public wealth and the promotion of integrity in personal and private conduct.

§  Contribute to the reduction of the environment-induced disease burdens such as Malaria, viral Hepatitis and HIV AIDs through behavioural change advocacy.

§  to promote access to water, sanitation and hygiene practices,

§   to carry out interventions, research, advocacy, documentation and knowledge management in areas of NEW Foundation thematic focus.

Thematic Focus:

Environment:             Climate justice, Smart & Resilient agricultural Practices; Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion (WASH), Conservation.

Human Rights/Natural Resources Governance: Human Rights advocacy; Natural Resources Governance; Transparency in the Extractive.             

Governance:   Anti-Corruption, Budget Monitoring and Democracy,

Our Values

NEW’s mission is rooted in the following values.

Inclusion and Integrity,

  1. All people have a right to participate in decisions affecting their lives; Gender equity is mandatory for social transformation; Resource allocation choices should be transparent and guided by sensitivity to the costs of operations and financial accountability to our development partners.

Strength in Diversity. Believe diversity in background, gender and age strengthen our capacity to be wise managers of public and private funds.

Team Spirit. Do much of our work in teams; give anyone with a good idea the chance to run with it, and are not afraid of taking risks.

Knowledge Building. Assert the primacy of gathering and sharing of information as essential roles for all employees. Encourage staff growth and advancement including training and professional skills building to increase knowledge and competence and to stay abreast of new developments, especially in technology.

Our strategy

  • Advocacy
  • Education and Public Enlightenment
  • Trainings / Capacity Building
  • Skills acquisition and Development
  • Project Management
  • Research, Documentation, and publication
  • Consultancy services.