Our Values

NEW’s mission is rooted in the following values.

Inclusion and Integrity,

  1. All people have a right to participate in decisions affecting their lives;

- Gender equity is mandatory for social transformation

- Resource allocation choices should be transparent and guided by sensitivity to the costs of operations and financial accountability to our Development partners.

Strength in Diversity. Believe diversity in background, gender and age strengthens our capacity to be

wise managers of public and private funds.

Team Spirit. Do much of our work in teams; give anyone with a good idea the chance to run with it, and

are not afraid of taking risks.

Knowledge Building. Assert the primacy of gathering and sharing of information as      

essential roles for all employees.

Hard Work. Regularly seek opportunities to market NEW’s programs, products and services and    

                       network with external organization and individuals to build strong alliances.

Knowledge Management. Encourage staff growth and advancement including training     

and professional skills building to increase knowledge and competence and to stay abreast  of new developments, especially in technology.